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Hello Beautiful, I'm Amanda

Specializing in Balayage + Extensions

Amanda is the fierce leader and owner of Salon Rosé. She loves to make her team and guests laugh. She can give you amazing styling tips as a working mama who wants to stay modern. 

Amanda Hill, Salon Rosé owner and hairstylist educator

After many years of dedication, I am a dynamic force in the world of hairdressing, dedicating two days a week to perfecting my craft behind the chair. With a creative flair, I meticulously craft dream-worthy looks through expert extension techniques and hair painting. My relentless pursuit of excellence is fueled by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, as I remain at the forefront of the latest hair and fashion trends, not only for myself but also for my exceptional team.
Mentorship is ingrained in my very being, a role I naturally excel in and deeply cherish. The profound satisfaction derived from leaving an indelible positive impact on
others is the driving force behind my unwavering devotion to this industry.
From Fayette County, I emerged as a professional who seamlessly balances intelligence and creativity. Motherhood graced me at 26, a blessing I embraced
wholeheartedly, especially in an industry that allows me to maintain a harmonious life. I am a mother to a kindhearted/honest 9-year-old named Jackson and an
independent/spirited 5-year-old named Lily. Beyond my role as a mother, my affections extend to my canine companions, who hold a special place in my heart, Ollie (my 12 year old boston terrier) and Tucker (my 3 year old 100lb rescue). 
My academic journey encompasses a BBA in Managerial Science from Georgia State University. Complementing this foundation is my masters in cosmetology, achieved at Paul  Mitchell School of Cosmetology.

Cute salon owner picture

A few achievements before opening my own dream salon... I was one of the hair stylists for the annual Coca Cola Calendar shoot, on the hair team for our very own Falcons Cheerleaders, stylist for fashionista Rebecca Taylor, and featured in the Knot Atlanta and North and Peach for bridal hair. 

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