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Feeling fabulous with your new hair? Great! Now lets talk about home care. Please carefully review our care guide below.
Proper care for your extensions is extremely important. This will help prevent damage to your natural hair and increase the longevity of your gorgeous new look.


  • Use a wet brush or boar bristle brush daily to remove knots or tangles.
  • Begin brushing from the ends, carefully working your way up toward the scalp.
  • Brushing your hair before it gets wet will help prevent tangling.
  • Clip everything up except your natural hair underneath your bottom row, and start your brushing that section.
    Next, drop down your bottom row and brush.
    Next, drop out your natural hair in between the two rows, and brush.
    Next, drop out your top row and brush.
    Finally, drop out your natural that is on top to complete the brushing process.


  • Brush hair to remove any tangles and to prevent matting B E F O R E showering.

  • Use a sulfate free shampoo + conditioner to prolong your hair color and extensions.

  • Gently shampoo all of your natural hair, and in between your rows as well. Use a "Z" formation with your fingers on your scalp. Do not use a circular motion or flip your head upside down as this can cause tangles.

  • Rinse well. Do not leave any product behind.

  • Apply conditioner from the mid-shaft down to the tips of your hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes. NOTE: Adding conditioner at or near the point of attachment may cause extensions to slide out or loosen.

  • We recommend a weekly mask to strengthen + nourish your hair.

  • Rinse completey.


  • Towel dry or air dry as much as possible before blow-drying.

  • To protect your extensions we recommend using leave-in conditioners and heat protectants.

  • Rough dry your extensions near 80% of the way. (No tugging with a brush at the point, use fingers and blow dryer only.)

  • For a faster and more thorough blow dry, section out each row and dry them separately.

  • You can use a round brush and a small amount of tension to smooth your hair for the last 20% of your blow dry.

Products & Styling

  • Use professional grade products recommended by your stylist to maintain the health of your natural hair and extensions.

  • The best temperature setting for styling depends on your natural hair, most people should never exceed 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Ask your stylist for your recommended temperature.


  • Brush hair gently and secure hair with a loose braid or low pony before sleeping

  • Do not go to bed with wet hair as it can cause tangling close to the scalp. If this occurs schedule an appointment with your stylist to remove immediately.

  • Sleep on a silk or satin pillow case. (This is great for your skin too!)


  • Avoid the use of chemical-based sunscreens, as this can discolor the hair. Instead use mineral-based sunscreens. The active ingredients in a mineral sunscreen are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.
    Chemical sunscreen ingredients include oxybenzone, avobenzone, octisalate, octocrylene, homosalate and octinoxate.

  • Before swimming, wet your hair with fresh tap water and apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner to the ends.

  • Tie in a loose ponytail or braid to prevent tangling.

  • Once you are finished swimming, rinse the extensions with fresh water and apply leave-in conditioner.

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